West End QLD 4101

Rental Appeal

West End is arguably the Brisbane suburb with the most choice for cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, live music venues and entertainment. Not only does it offer exceptional lifestyle balance, there are some beautiful character homes and unique unit complexes. The area provides plenty of employment opportunities with industrial warehouses and commercial office space as well, and is very well connected to the CBD. West End is home to a wide variety of occupants with the ultra wealthy owning properties on the hill or the river, to rundown old cottages that have been owned by families for generations and are rented out very cheaply as share houses. With so much on offer in West End including South Bank, great food, plenty of variety and Farmers Markets on weekends, West End is what I consider to be one of the best suburbs to live in Brisbane.

Transport Options

West End has access to the city and surrounding suburbs via City Cat (river ferry) leaving from Orleigh Park as well as regular “circle” bus transport. There is also the city cycle option of hiring a bike and riding it along the river front.

Local Shops

The main shopping precinct for supermarkets and general boutique fashion and clothing retailers is Boundary Street however the development that has also occurred on Montague Rd has included an Aldi and a number of other specialty stored and supermarkets, providing great choice for West End residents.


There are too many options to list in West End but it is safe to say that if you walk anywhere in the area if you walk more than 5 minutes without seeing a café, restaurant or pub, then you are a very slow walker. South Bank is now home to bars aplenty including a Munich Brauhaus, Boundary Street has heaps of cafes and restaurants and even down on Montague Road you have the famers markets on a weekend and about 10 cafes within a 1km stretch . West End provides diners with delicacies from all around the world and opportunities for every budget.

School Catchment Zones

This is one of the primary reasons people move to the area, the school catchments. West End State School for primary is a highly sought after school but it’s the high school everyone wants. Brisbane State High is the only Government funded high school that competes in the GPS sporting competition of the private Brisbane schools. It also ranks number 1 in Qld for Government State Schools and this is why people will pay a premium to buy a house within the BSHS catchment zone.


There is too much in West End to describe and you will never be at a loss for something to do. You have the option of swimming in Kodak Beach at South Bank, indoor rock climbing, Riverfront dining, City Cat trips up the river, joining the local rowing club for an early morning row, fine dining, casual pub meals, live music venues galore and heaps of parkland and bike tracks.

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