How do I apply for a rental property online?

PMC QLD uses 2Apply for online rental applications. If you’re familiar with 2Apply, then please click to apply online and enter the property address and we’ll process your application. If you haven’t used 2Apply before, please click the link below and it will show you how to setup an account.

NB: For all PMC NSW properties, a unique link will be provided to you upon inspection of the property, to apply for the property online.


How do I report Maintenance?

PMC allows you to report maintenance quickly and simply through the Maintenance Manager Application on any smart device. Simply download the app from the link below so you are able to report any maintenance quickly and easily.  You will receive an instant response confirming it has been received and you will receive an update on the status within 24 hours.


Who is my property manager and what are their contact details?

If you have lost your property managers contact details, you can find them at the link below.

What do I need to think of before moving in or out of a property?

We have provided a tenant pack at the link below which outlines what you need to consider before moving in or out of your home.  We will also provide you with a hard copy when you move into a property.

Are you a landlord too?

We consider all of our tenants to be clients of PMC and we aim to support and treat you with the same respect and service that we provide to our landlords. We also understand that you may have chosen to rent a property while you build your investment portfolio. If you have been  pleased with the service you are receiving from PMC, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about managing your investment properties.  

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