The origin of our Name “PMC” stands for Purchase, Manage, Consult

These are the holistic service lines that we provide to our clients.

Other Property Management Services

Not only are we a specialised property management business but we are also an Independent (which means we aren’t project marketers and don’t have any stock or product to sell) Buyers Agency and Property Advisory business. Our purpose is to assist all of our clients in generating wealth through property investment including both optimising their current portfolio and receiving strategic advice on future acquisitions. Our team includes qualified and registered property valuers, QPIA’s (Qualified Property Investment Advisors) and project managers. Below are a few other optional services that we provide to our clients.

Other Property Management Services - Our Buyers Agents

Our Buyers Agents

PMC Property Buyers specialise in providing the following Buyers Agent services:

  • Home Buying
  • Property Investment Advice and Acquisitions 
  • Portfolio Optimisation and Strategic Portfolio Building Advice
  • Auction Bidding
  • Property appraisal & negotiation

Whether you are looking for your dream home or an investment grade property, buying property can be a daunting, time consuming and stressful process even for the experienced buyer.

Having an independent Buyers Agent on your side can eliminate these challenges and ensure that you make an informed purchase decision that has a lasting and positive impact on your life.

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Other Property Management Services - Add-value Reports

Add-value Reports

This report has been designed to not only provide you with insight on how to increase the rental return of your property/ies, but importantly, to increase the capital value, or market value, of your property/ies.

To complete this report, two members of our team (one from the property management team and one from the project management team) inspect your property and provide recommendations on cosmetic improvements, landscaping, modifications and renovations that could be implemented to improve your returns.

The report also includes:

  • Indicative cost estimates for the work
  • Estimated timeframes to complete the work
  • The estimated change in rental value
  • The estimated change to the capital value

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Other Property Management Services - Project Management

Project Management

Renovating, subdividing or building a property can be extremely time consuming, stressful and expensive.

Our qualified project managers have a background in construction studies and their role is to coordinate all the required consultants, review the plans, prepare building scope of works and tenders and then oversee the entire construction including final certification, defects and warranties.

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Other Property Management Services - Desktop Property Reviews

Desktop Property Reviews

With registered valuers on our team, we can conduct a non-biased and independent desktop assessment of your property without the agenda of trying to get you to sell your property through us. This report includes recent sales evidence and an indicative value of your property to assist you with understanding whether there may be equity you can use to further build your property portfolio or potentially do cosmetic improvements to your investment to improve the value and rental returns further. Note; this assessment cannot be used for mortgage purposes and is not a formal valuation.

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