How is PMC different to most other property management businesses?

In reality, we shouldn’t be…..every property management company should be collecting the rent, paying the bills, arranging maintenance, working pro-actively and providing regular clear communication to their landlords. But that is precisely why we are different… we do what we say we will do.

Not only that, as you are trusting us to look after your valuable asset, then we feel it is our added responsibility to provide you with advice on how to:

• improve the value of your property,
• improve the rental returns,
• minimise your vacancy,
• minimise your maintenance and trade costs,
• improve tenant exposure.

A couple of ways we do this are:

1. Constant Point of contact and experienced property managers – If your property manager changes regularly they are not going to be able to get feedback from tenants on how appealing your property is or what is missing, know the proximity of your property to schools, shops, transport, cafes, etc or get a genuine feel for ways to improve the value. Also, if your property manager is in-experienced, they are not going to know how to resolve conflict and manage the rental negotiations on your behalf. That is why we invest heavily in training, supporting and rewarding our team, so they are with PMC for the long term, which in turn provides you as our client, with an ever improving manager who knows your property intimately. Our team of property managers has a minimum of 6 years experience and an average of 11.6 years experience which means that we have seen it all and will be able to manage your property effectively.

2. Minimising vacancy, how do we do this? – You might think this is a standard line “we minimise your vacancy”, but the reality is most companies still run 2 open homes per week at set times and expect tenants to show up. Are tenants going to show up to these property inspections or be more inclined to apply for a property that they can inspect at a time that suits them?

When we list a property for rent, we open up our dedicated leasing consultants diary (we have a team member whose sole role is to spend the entire week doing inspections and speaking with prospective tenants) meaning tenants can book in at a time that suits them, during work hours or after hours. Our job is to be available to take prospective tenants through when it suits them, which results in more applications, quicker leasing time and minimal vacancy.

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What are you looking to achieve from your property investment?

There are three key ingredients that will assist you to maximise your return from your property investment.

These are:

  1. Compound capital growth,
  2. Consistent Cashflow/Minimal vacancy and
  3. Time in the market.

The question is, with your current manager are they assisting you in achieving these goals with your investment or are you considering selling because it is not being well managed?

Our job, is to ensure that point number 2 is taken care of with minimal input required from you. Our goal is to not only do this, but provide suggestions and ways that you can improve not only the rental return, but the capital value and depreciation benefits of your property. If we can look after point 2, then it means points 1 and 3 should be able to take care of themselves.

Is it easy to change management companies and can I change at any time?

The answer is simply; YES. To change management companies is extremely easy and you can do it at any time, not just when a lease expires. At PMC not only do we minimise the time required by you, but we also remove the awkward conversation that can occur with your existing manager when you tell them you’re changing management companies.

Changing to PMC is as simple as 3 steps:

  1. Provide us with your investment property address
  2. Sign the management agreement and termination letter we send you via Docusign – no need for printing and scanning.
  3. PMC will contact your existing manager to inform them of the change and contact your tenants to ensure a smooth transition.

It is as simple as that !

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Do you need quality tradespeople to do work at your own home?

We have a large panel of tradespeople who assist us with all sorts of maintenance and renovation work that we undertake for our clients investment properties. But we also understand that most owners need to get work done at their home quite regularly as well, and let’s face it, it can be very difficult to source quality tradespeople who will actually show up when they say they will.

For this reason, we provide you with access to our panel of tradespeople so that you can get quality work completed at good prices and in a timely fashion at your home.

Do you need a tradesperson to do work at your home?

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What other services do we provide for Landlords?

Landlords Property Management

It is our job to make your property investment experience as enjoyable and financially rewarding as possible.

We welcome the opportunity to speak to you.
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