Property Management with a Purpose…


To constantly improve your management experience


To help you reach your investment goals


To reset the bar for the property management industry


To guarantee our service and put our money where our mouth is


To be the difference between standard property management and investment success

At PMC, we provide a number of Guarantees for our landlords.

Our guarantees are:

PMC Property Management

1. Communication Guarantee – We will respond to your phone call or email within 24 business hours, and if not, we provide 1 weeks free management.

2. Rent Payment Guarantee – This is not a fixed rental guarantee like project marketers offer.  This guarantee is provided so that if your tenant stops paying rent, PMC will step in and continue to pay you the agreed rental amount until the problem is resolved.  This ensures you can continue to meet your payment obligations without any worry.

3. Tenant Guarantee – If a tenant we source doesn’t work out and needs to be evicted, we will re-tenant the property free of charge.

4. Satisfaction Guarantee – In the unlikely event you are unhappy with our service in the first three months, simply tell us and we will refund your management fees and allow you to terminate at a reduced notice


Is it easy to change property managers?


Can I change at any time?

To answer simply; YES.

The process of changing management companies is very easy and you can do it at any time, not just when a lease expires. At PMC not only do we minimise the time required by you, but we also remove the awkward conversation that can occur with your existing manager when you tell them you’re moving on. Changing to PMC is as simple as 3 steps!

Switching to PMC is as simple as 1,2,3



Provide us with your investment property address



Sign the management agreement and termination letter we send you via Docusign – no need for printing and scanning



PMC will contact your existing manager to inform them of the change and contact your tenants to ensure a smooth transition.

It is as simple as that!

Meet our dedicated team

James Freudigmann

Co-Founder & Director

Will Hosking

Co-Founder & Director

Amanda Deshong

QLD Head of Department

Jo Glover

NSW Head of Department

Cara Johnston

Senior Property Manager

Michael Arcidiacono

Senior Property Manager

Khayla Gibson

Senior Property Manager

Haleigh Simpson

Accounts Manager

Brooke Florent

Leasing Consultant and Assistant Property Manager

Andrew Hancock

Qualified Property Investment Adviser

Luke Van Dongen

Property Management Consultant

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