Why do we do what we do?

Our passion is
Property Investment…

but even more so, our goal is to see that everyone who owns an investment property, benefit from owning their property for the long term (capital growth and consistent cashflow) rather than being frustrated and choosing to sell it due to poor management.

That is why we started PMC Property Management.

About PMC

For a long time we had our portfolios managed by property managers who were either;

  1. Overworked or underpaid, (or likely both),
  2. Didn’t have sufficient experience or conflict resolution skills,
  3. Didn’t understand the concept of property investment or the importance of maintaining the property or,
  4. Weren’t appreciated by their principle/boss.

These things combined, resulted in us having to invest our valuable time, to manage our property managers.

We are sure that if you own, or have owned an investment property, you have probably experienced similar frustrations to us. It is rare to have a management company who wants you to maintain your property, who is pro-active with leasing, renewals and communication, who provides suggestions on how to improve the rent and the value of your property, and who genuinely understands property investment.

All of us want a manager who looks after everything; has our expenses forefront to ensure we’re not overpaying for trades and maintenance, is pro-active in leasing my property and who knows that minimal vacancy and quality tenants are the key to the success of your investment.

This is who we are – A specialised and focused property management company who provides ongoing property investment training to our team.

A company who invests heavily in the culture for our team; investing, respecting and empowering them so as they grow professionally, you, as our client, benefit from this knowledge and experience.

Meet your potential New Team

About PMC
James Freudigmann

James Freudigmann

Co-Founder & Director

B.  App. Sc. Property Economics
Dip. Project Management
Dip. Fin Planning
Licensed Estate Agent QLD
Registered Valuer (Qld) CPV & AAPI
Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA)

About James

James is the Co-founder and Director of PMC Property Management. James started working in the property industry in 1999 as a valuer’s assistant and became, at the time, Queensland’s youngest registered Valuer in 2002. Since becoming a Valuer James has completed residential, commercial and industrial valuations across Brisbane and other parts of Queensland.

In 2007 James began working as a buyers advocate and has acquired over $100 million of residential and commercial property on behalf of clients in Brisbane, Toowoomba and surrounding areas. James coordinated the negotiations of over $400 million of residential land and construction projects on behalf of the Queensland Government in 2009-2010 and worked as a project manager overseeing in excess of 20 unit complexes comprising between 6 and 22 units, as part of a Federal Government stimulus program. James has also personally managed multiple renovations and house and unit developments for himself and his clients.

Since starting in the Buyers Advocate industry in 2007, James has been a State Manager and most recently, National manager, establishing and growing in conjunction with Will Hosking, a Buyers Advocate division for a National company before deciding to form PMC Property Management.

PMC now specialises in property investment and portfolio strategies, property management, project management and the acquisition of residential and commercial property throughout Brisbane, Toowoomba, Sydney, Newcastle and surrounding areas. James, Will and the team at PMC are dedicated to provide their clients with a unique experience, having 100% commitment to providing exceptional customer service and results whilst always operating with the upmost integrity and honesty that the property industry requires.

Will Hosking

Will Hosking

Co-Founder & Director

B. Business
Dip. Financial Planning
Licensed Buyers Agent NSW

About Will

Will is the Co-founder and Director of PMC Property Management. Will’s involvement in property began 10 years ago when he purchased his first investment property at a young age whilst completing his Bachelor of Business at UTS and working in his family construction business.

Through his personal property investment experience and extensive study, Will’s passion for property grew and in 2009 he formally entered the Property Industry as a Property Advisor and Buyers Advocate. Since this date he has continued to expand his intimate knowledge of the inner Sydney and Newcastle property markets whilst growing a very loyal client base.

His desire to “walk the talk” and build his own property portfolio has opened his eyes to how easily people can be taken advantage of when investing their own money in the property market. This has fuelled Will’s passion to lift the integrity and standards of the advice received within the Buyers Advocacy and Property Advisory industry. This has lead Will to further his studies and complete a Diploma of Financial Planning which further enhances his skill sets to understand clients specific goals and overall wealth creation strategies when it comes to building a property portfolio.

Since starting in the Buyers Advocate industry in 2009, Will has been a Client Relationship Manager, Buyers Advocate and most recently, NSW State Manager, establishing and growing in conjunction with James Freudigmann, a Buyers Advocate division for a National valuation company before deciding to form PMC Property Management.

PMC now specialises in property investment and portfolio strategies, property management, project management and the acquisition of residential and commercial property throughout Brisbane, Toowoomba, Sydney, Newcastle and surrounding areas. Will, James and the team at PMC are dedicated to provide their clients with a unique experience, having 100% commitment to providing exceptional customer service and results whilst always operating with the upmost integrity and honesty that the property industry requires.

Amanda Deshong

Amanda Deshong

QLD Head of Department

About Amanda

I have been a member of the Queensland Property Management industry for over 20 years. My journey began in the front office and I have since progressed steadily upwards though our corporate structure, learning to master several roles within the Property Management ranks. These roles included:

  • Senior Property Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Department Manager
  • Business Partner/Owner

My achievements included training and developing the ‘National Property Manager of the Year’, for a highly recognised Australian agency brand, along with the implementation of new technologies in one of the largest offices in the Western corridor in Brisbane with a rent roll of over 1500 properties.

My passion lies in new technology and procedures, that are designed to facilitate the best client/customer experience. I care about people, and that translates into a high referral and client base which has grown organically throughout my career.

Jo Glover

Jo Glover

NSW Head of Department

About Jo

Jo is extremely motivated and passionate about achieving the best results for all of her clients, with over 15 years’ experience as a licensed Property Manager, her personal overseeing of every property under her management assures Landlords that their investment is in the most capable of hands.

Combined with her honest, friendly and down to earth approach, Jo  is committed to delivering not only great results but an exceptional, stress-free and rewarding experience.  Landlords can rely on Jo to remain fully informed of the ever changing legal requirements to ensure compliance at all times.

She is dedicated to providing a very high standard and personalised service to her clients giving each individual owner and property the attention they deserve. She has developed a formidable reputation as a Property Manager with an eye for detail and a talent for communication.

Cara Johnston

Cara Johnston

Senior Property Manager

About Cara

Cara has worked in the property management industry for over 7 years and possesses real-world property knowledge and experience.

Starting as a receptionist and working her way up to a Senior Property Manager over the years is proof of Cara’s dedication, passion and strong interest in real estate.

With a positive attitude, natural people skills and great communication, Cara is able to build quality relationships with her owners and tenants which is one of her favourite aspects of the job.

She strives for a speedy resolution of any issue that affects a property and ensures the management of your most valuable asset is as stress free as possible.

Michael Arcidiacono

Michael Arcidiacono

Senior Property Manager

About Michael

Michael has been working in property Management for over 6 years as a property manager and business development manager.

He has a strong passion for the Real Estate industry and aims for a fair outcome for all parties.

Quick to respond to urgent situations with a hands on approach, he has the ability to keep calm in all difficult situations.

With an eye for detail, he takes looking after landlords’ valuable assets, very seriously and aims to provide a high level of service to all stakeholders.

Khayla Gibson

Khayla Gibson

Senior Property Management

About Khayla

Flexible, spontaneous and an ability to adapt to change are just some of the reasons why Khayla is a valued team member at PMC Property Management.  Her personable nature combined with her excellent time management and multi-tasking skills have contributed to her steady rise within Property Management.

Khayla has over 4 years’ experience in the Property Management field.  She has gained and retained an excellent knowledge of legislation and is able to recall this as and when required in her day to day activities with tenants and landlords.  She is also very capable of interacting with clients and ensuring the communication is smooth and seamless.  Her high levels of energy and positive personality along with her passion to provide high quality service ensures Tenants and Owners alike will find it easy to communicate with her.

Whilst managing motherhood with her profession Khayla takes it all in her stride and exudes the calm exterior of a person well beyond her years.  Her love of life enables her to see the positive aspect to every situation.

Haleigh Simpson

Haleigh Simpson

Accounts Manager

About Haleigh

Haleigh brings a wealth of talent to the team with over 17 years’ experience in the property management industry.  After Haleigh’s successful career in property management, she has decided to follow and specialise in the area that she is most passionate about: Trust Accounting and Administration.

Haleigh’s attention to detail and careful eye is second to none and with her critical time management skills, she is an invaluable member of the team and this allows others to shine in their respective roles.  Haleigh, whilst keeping all the back end support running in a sophisticated manner also contributes to the great team culture that PMC enjoys.

Haleigh is the mother of two beautiful children and is often taking them camping and on exciting overseas destinations.

Brooke Florent

Brooke Florent

Leasing Consultant and Assistant Property Manager

About Brooke

A bubbly person with an outgoing personality, Brooke is passionate about helping you find the perfect home and making the rental process a memorable one. She understands the importance of keeping everyone informed and will make sure she keeps you updated every step of the way. With a background in both real estate sales, leasing and property management she understands all aspects of real estate. Brooke is passionate about building a strong and long lasting relationship with her clients and working together to achieve a premium result.

Andrew Hancock

Andrew Hancock

Qualified Property Investment Adviser

About Andrew

Andrew’s career in property commenced over a decade ago and has involved many different roles, from providing property investment advice and strategy planning to co-founding and running a successful property management and advisory business in recent years. Andrew also works concurrently as an airline pilot and trainer for a major Australian airline.

Andrew holds a double digit, multi-million dollar property portfolio spanning both nationally and internationally. He is a seasoned and passionate investor with experience across all facets of property investing and thoroughly enjoys providing advice and expertise to help people achieve their investing goals.

Luke Van Dongen

Luke Van Dongen

Property Management Consultant

About Luke

Luke’s property investment journey commenced nearly a decade ago with the purchase of his first investment property. With a background in various finance roles, he co-founded and was the Principal Licensee of a successful property management and property advisory business managing a team of experienced property managers. An airline pilot by profession, Luke also delivers non-technical skill training in areas such as leadership, conflict resolution, and error identification and management.

Whilst Luke is a property investor himself, his focus and expertise is in the technical and regulatory aspects of property management. Combining this focus with a strong service and customer centric approach, his desire to ensure a high standard of property management product delivery is evident.

Ide Ann

Ide Ann

Property Management Assistant

About Ide

Ide Ann has always been a dependable and dedicated member of the PMC team.  She started her career as a specialist for IT software and hardware but later on she discovered her passion in providing customer/client assistance and satisfaction.  Ide was a Customer Service and Technical Support for 3 years before becoming a Property Management Assistant for PMC.

Since becoming a part of PMC, Ide has been consistent in bringing in extra hands to attend to everybody’s needs. Her remarkable commitment to administering support is what makes her a valuable addition to the team.

Jo Sullivan

Jo Sullivan

Commercial Asset Manager

About Jo

Jo is committed and focused on meeting client expectations and proactively managing client requirements.  She has many years’ experience in the Property Industry, having worked in the UK and Australia for both small and large international Property Management companies.  Her wealth of knowledge comes from being in roles such as Client Trust Accountant, Commercialisation Manager and Property Manager across Residential, Commercial and Retail assets.

Jo is passionate about the property industry and about ensuring our clients enjoy/experience an excellent property buying journey. She is approachable, reliable and brings her excellent communication and interpersonal skills to the PMC team.

Discuss how we can assist you with maximising your property investment returns.


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