Ashgrove QLD 4060

Rental Appeal

Ashgrove is located less than 7km from the Brisbane CBD and is a very green suburb with plenty of parkland and open space. In recent years Ashgrove has undergone significant gentrification and has seen improvements to the shopping centre which is making it a more popular location for families. With good bus transport, quality schools and a relaxed lifestyle, it is no wonder Ashgrove is a popular place for owner occupiers, tenants and investment property owners.

Transport Options

The only public transport option is bus however these services run regularly. There are also multiple road routes that can be taken to get to the CBD meaning you can get to the CBD in less than 20 minutes in peak hour.

Local Shops

Within Ashgrove there are a couple of different shopping centres with both being on Waterworks Rd. The main centre in the “inner” part of Ashgrove has a number of other stores, surrounding commercial and retail shops and cafes. The other centre near the border of The Gap, is similar in size.


Cafes and small restaurants are starting to pop up everywhere in Ashgrove. Ashgrove Avenue is home to about 3-4 little funky cafes and there are a couple of little restaurant precincts on Waterworks Rd. The other option is to go to the neighbouring suburb of Red Hill and Paddington for great dining options.

School Catchment Zones

Ashgrove State School and Ithaca Creek are the two primary Government schools and then for high school it is split into two catchments being Kelvin Grove State High which is a very well renowned school or The Gap State High School if you’re in the outer part of Ashgrove. Premium prices are paid from both home buyers and tenants for properties within the Kelvin Grove State School catchment zone. Marist Brothers school is located in Ashgrove which is a private Catholic boys school which has a good reputation.


With plenty of parkland and green space, renovated character homes and plenty of shops, it is not hard to see why property investors buy in Ashgrove for growth and strong rental return. Weekends will involve riding along the bike paths, picnics in the park, maybe a trip to the movies in neighbouring Newmarket or heading to one of the 3 or 4 small funky pubs in Ashgrove like The Grove or Junk Bar.

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