Our Story

Here is Our Story

How did PMC come about… despite only officially opening the doors in 2014 the start of our story goes back to 2010 so bear with us and we hope you enjoy reading about where we have come from.

Our Story

James & Will, the two founders of PMC, met while working at the same Property Advisory Company but working in two separate states, NSW and QLD. Post completing his Bachelor Of Business, Will had travelled through Europe working on the super yachts for a couple of years before returning to Australia. Will started his personal property investment journey at age 20 and this sparked a passion that Will wanted to pursue which landed him into the role of Client Relationship Manager and Property Investment Advisor.

Post completing Property Economics, James was working as a property valuer and after a number of years, shoulder surgery provided the opportunity to take time off work and travel overseas for 12 months exploring Nepal, Egypt, Europe and Canada. When he returned he didn’t return to valuation but instead was approached to become a Buyers Agent and 2 years later, landed the role of Qld State Manager and Buyers Agent at this same company.

After about 3 months and still not having met in person due to living in two separate States, James and Will developed a daily ritual of speaking on the phone. This morning ritual, and their common passion for property (and sport), assisted in their understanding of each others interests, ethics, morals and why each of them were doing what they were doing in their profession. It was these regular chats that led to them wanting to go into business together.

In early 2011, talk turned to setting up their own business that wasn’t going to be flashy, wasn’t going to take over the world overnight, but was going to provide quality, ethical advice, a focus on long-term relationships and helping people build a sustainable property portfolio.

But as life tends to change at a whim, that’s what happened and PMC wasn’t to be….yet. James saw an opportunity in the property market and purchased a renovator and he and his wife were about to have their first child in 5 months, so plans were going to have to be put on hold. As fate would have it though, they were approached by the CEO of a National Property Valuation Firm to start a Buyers Advocate division under their banner across their 21 offices. Will and James were given complete autonomy to create this business and run it as if it were their own, an incredible opportunity at the time.

Needless to say, in November 2011 they took this opportunity and started what was essentially their own business under another company’s brand.

Will and James started and grew this business over a period of two and a half years to being in 5 States, however the yearning for running their own business without restrictions was too strong and in April 2014, they both resigned and started PMC.

This is when Amanda Deshong, our Qld Head of Department entered the picture. While Will and James had their property portfolios managed, and understood property management from a landlord perspective, they did not have professional experience as property managers and needed an experienced operator to invest the time to grow and steer the ship.

Amanda had been working in the property management industry for over 16 years and was starting to become disillusioned with the industry and the lack of willingness to adopt new technology, systems and processes to enhance the client experience. Amanda was also extremely keen to build a business and work with people who were as passionate about seeing change in the industry as she was.

And so it was, 3 weeks later James was working from a friends unit, Amanda working from home and Will working from home. The business continued to grow and in September 2015 PMC took on its two premises in Manly NSW and Milton QLD.

Since starting PMC in 2014, Will has been married and with his first child on the way, James and his wife have had two more children bringing the tally to 3, Amanda has adopted a new dog, Max and Amanda has become a part owner in the Queensland business. With their combined guidance, the PMC team has grown to over 15 team members. Despite all that has happened, Will, James and Amanda have not, and will not, lose sight of their initial focus in providing quality advice, building long term relationships and helping people build sustainable property portfolios.

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