Khayla Gibson 

Khayla Gibson

Khayla Gibson

QLD Head of Property Management

Flexible, spontaneous and an ability to adapt to change are just some of the reasons why Khayla is a valued team member at PMC Property Management. Her personable nature combined with her excellent time management and multi-tasking skills have contributed to her steady rise within Property Management.

Khayla has over 8 years’ experience in the Property Management field. She has gained and retained an excellent knowledge of legislation and is able to recall this as and when required in her day to day activities with tenants and landlords. She is also very capable of interacting with clients and ensuring the communication is smooth and seamless. Her high levels of energy and positive personality along with her passion to provide high quality service ensures Tenants and Owners alike will find it easy to communicate with her.

Whilst managing motherhood with her profession Khayla takes it all in her stride and exudes the calm exterior of a person well beyond her years. Her love of life enables her to see the positive aspect to every situation.

Mobile: 0400-400-835

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