Highgate Hill QLD 4101

Rental Appeal

The neighbour to West End, Highgate hill is as the name suggests, quite a hilly suburb. It is predominantly houses however there are a few small pockets with unit complexes, but nothing like West End or South Brisbane. While West End provides options aplenty for casual restaurant/café/pub dining, Highgate Hill provides more refined restaurants and dining options. With its elevate position a large majority of the houses have views of the city or surrounding suburbs. It’s proximity to the CBD, great housing options, school catchment zones and strong transport options make Highgate Hill very appealing to both owner occupiers and property investors.

Transport Options

Highgate Hill’s primary mode of transport is bus however with a short walk/jog/run, you can catch the train at South Brisbane. Vehicle access is ver-Hy easy to the CBD as well with about a 5 minute commute in peak hour.

Local Shops

Highgate Hill itself doesn’t have a supermarket, that is in neighbouring West End, however there are a few local shopping options on Gladstone Rd. If you are seeking some retail therapy however, the best option is to catch the bus to the city and do your shopping there.


The majority of Highgate hill residents will tend to dine in West End or South Brisbane as that is where the major options are. However if you search you can find some great food and cafes tucked away near Vulture Street.

School Catchment Zones

Highgate hill falls within the Brisbane State High School catchment zone which is the only Government funded high school that competes in the private schools sporting competition known as GPS. BSHS also ranks number 1 for Qld Government State Schools. Needless to say, owner occupiers and tenants alike will pay a premium to get a property in this school catchment.


Highgate Hill is so easily accessible that you can do pretty much anything you think of. Whether you want a relaxing day on the beach at South Bank, dining with a view, retail therapy at the city, Rock climbing at Kangaroo Point Cliffs, to head to a pub with a few mates or have friends around for a BBQ to enjoy the view from the back deck, Highgate Hill is a location that you can do everything from within 5-10 minutes.

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