Grange QLD 4051

Rental Appeal

Grange has a very good reputation as a place to raise a family with peace and quiet but in a beautiful setting of parkland, cafes and character style homes. It is an area that is approximately 75% owner occupiers however property investors have always been seeking Grange due to the zoning not including units making it a pure housing suburb with close proximity to everything. From our property management perspective, Grange houses are extremely popular and we haven’t seen vacancy on a property we manage in Grange for longer than 8 days in over 5 years of managing properties in the area.

Transport Options

While Grange itself doesn’t have a train station, a short drive to Alderley or Newmarket provides train access to the city. Regular bus services run through Grange and it there is easy road access to the city and major roadways.

Local Shops

There is no shopping centre or supermarket in Grange however there is a number of small sets of shops and convenience stores along Days Rd. For a major shopping centre it is just a short 5 minute drive to Stafford City Shopping Centre.


Grange has seen some gradual gentrification and we have noticed that the café culture is alive and well in the area. Cafes like Espresso house are becoming more popular and small little ones are popping up on plenty of corners, you just have to go looking.

School Catchment Zones

Grange falls within the Wilston State Primary School catchment and the area is split into three high school catchments being Kelvin Grove, Kedron and Everton Park.


Grange is a beautiful and quiet little suburb. Opportunities for relaxed walks along Kedron Brook, a visit or quiet meal at the local community bowls club or heading down to Hickey Park to watch the local AFL team “The Gorillas” play are all popular past times in Grange.

Grange Property Management
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